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Luo men and women

Luo men and women
3 0 c m
actual image size: 30cm x 22cm


A group of Luo men and women, probably photographed at a market in Nyanza. Luo body scarification decoration (ngo’ol) and personal body adornment (skin aprons, bead necklaces, armlets and anklets) of the period are all in evidence. Also visible here is the traditional use of cowrie shells (gaagi) on leather belts and headbands. The women seem to be on the way to a market with grain pots (agulu) and baskets (adita) on their heads. In some cases a coil (tach) made from papyrus reed or grass is used to balance the pot on the head.

Due to the nature of these images, prints will reproduce any signs of age, wear or damage that occurred before they were archived by the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Image Details

Accession Number
Cultural Group
Kavirondo (Luo)
D. V. Figueira
Circa 1925

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